There are no stupid questions. Really?

Often when we post new articles on social media, someone will respond with something to the effect of, “That’s a stupid question!” or “Why would anyone care about that?” We’ve even been accused of making up questions that no one has asked. Let me assure you, every article on our website is a question we have been asked or a topic that is commonly searched for online.

What may seem like a stupid, silly, or unimportant question to you may seem like a crucial issue to someone else. Just because you do not care about a certain topic does not mean it is irrelevant to everyone else. Some issues you deeply care about may seem entirely frivolous to other people.

We truly wish every question we receive was something along the lines of, “How can I know for sure I will go to heaven after I die?” or “How can I follow Jesus more closely?” or “What does this Bible passage mean?” But that is not the case. Many of the questions we receive are inconsequential in the grand scheme of eternity. However, that does not make the questions stupid or frivolous. For the people asking, the questions are important. Some questions may seem stupid to you, but they may be the issue that is holding people back from either receiving Christ as Savior or fully committing their lives to Him.

So, that is why we answer all spiritually-related questions. If people are asking the question, it is important to them.

Several years ago, we had a woman inform us that she had come to faith in Christ because we took the time to answer her “Do pets go to heaven?” question. Her beloved cat had just died, and she was devastated. She went online and submitted her question to several Christian websites, and we were the only ones who responded. We gave her a biblical perspective on her question. As a result, she came back to our website and read the article about how to receive Christ as personal Savior, and, according to her, placed her faith in Christ as her Savior.

For those who do not love animals, the question may seem silly. Who cares, you ask? She cared. She cared a lot! And because we took the time to give her a loving, caring, and biblical response, it potentially impacted her eternally.

We recently published an article on “How tall was Jesus?” In the grand scheme of eternity, it does not matter how tall Jesus was. So, ultimately, the question is not important. We still created an article to answer the question. Why? So that people who wonder about that can find an answer to that question and find links from that webpage to other questions that answer far more important questions. And, according to Google, over 20,000 people search for “How tall was Jesus?” every month!

Some of the questions we answer may seem silly, frivolous, or even stupid to you, but that does not mean answering those questions is pointless.

S. Michael Houdmann

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There are no stupid questions. Really?