Why does God sometimes work in mysterious ways?
Why does God sometimes do things in ways that seem strange, illogical, or even backwards to us? Why do God's ways have to be so mysterious?

Flowers, and pictures, and cakes — oh my!
Should Christian florists, photographers, and bakers offer their services for gay weddings? Why has this suddenly become such a controversial issue in the USA?

What is the value of Christian music?
What is the value and importance of Christian music? Should Christians listen to Christian music instead of secular music?

Can salvation be lost?
If salvation can be lost, can it also be re-found? What sins result in salvation being lost? How can I know if I need to be re-saved, or if I just need to confess my sin and repent?

What does it mean that there is nothing new under the sun?
What does it mean that there is nothing new under the sun? Theologically speaking, is there really nothing new under the sun?

Why Government is Not the Answer
Government is not the answer to all of our problems. There is no government capable of restraining immoral, ungodly, and selfish people.

Why should I trust God even when I don't understand who He is or what He is doing?
We need to humble ourselves and recognize that we cannot fully or perfectly understand who God is and what God does. Trusting God even when we don't understand is a key issue in the Christian life.

Is it wrong to be a solo Christian?
What’s wrong with being a solo Christian? Can’t I live the Christian life on my own? Why should I spend time with other Christians instead of going solo on my spiritual journey?

What is true poverty?
What is true poverty? What is mental poverty? What is spiritual poverty? Is poverty much more than the absence of money?

What can we learn from church softball?
What can we learn from church softball? What church softball has taught me about Christians being in the world, but not of the world.