How does follow-up with those who make professions of faith in Christ?

Whenever I present at a church or Christian conference, this question is nearly always asked, and understandably so. Every month, we receive over 15,000 professions of new faith in Jesus Christ through our gospel presentation pages. In our history, we have received approaching two million professions of faith in Christ as Savior.

What do we do with all of those people? After all, Christ's command in Matthew 28:19-20 was to "make disciples," not "make converts."

Admittedly, follow-up is a weakness of internet evangelism. We can only contact people if they give us their contact information. We can't do any kind of direct discipleship unless people reach out to us. With that said, we do everything we can to encourage those who make professions of new faith in Christ to begin the process of discipleship.

When people make professions of new faith in Christ, they are sent to our "I have just put my faith in what?" page. On that page, they are presented with the opportunity to begin a live chat with our ministry partners at, an online evangelism, discipleship, and counseling ministry. Also, if anyone wants a copy of the "Now What?" page as a brochure, we request a mailing address so we can send it. And, lastly, people are encouraged to use our "Church Finder" to locate a nearby Bible-believing church. We believe it is extremely important for new believers to have someone in the real world who can give them solid biblical teaching, friendship, counsel, advice, etc.

Further, itself is designed to be a discipleship tool. When we first launched the site, we envisioned it as being for discipleship, not evangelism. The idea that people could come to faith in Christ online had not even crossed our minds. It wasn't until someone asked us, "How can I know for sure I will go to heaven when I die?" that we realized the importance of also using for evangelism.

When people come to faith in Christ, they often have a lot of questions. Their knowledge and understanding of God, Jesus, the Bible, etc., is usually minimal. seeks to meet this need by providing biblically based answers to all of the most common spiritually-related questions. So, if people are unable or unwilling to engage in a live chat, give us a mailing address, or visit a local church, we do everything we can to provide the answers they will need for their walk with Christ.

So, the answer to the question, "How does follow-up with the people who make professions of new faith in Jesus Christ?" is "we do as much as we possibly can with the limitations inherent with the internet in mind."

S. Michael Houdmann

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How does follow-up with those who make professions of faith in Christ?